Faculty Profile: Dr. Kyle Moody, Communications Media

Posted by Andy Cunningham on April 9, 2015 at 8:30 AM

By now, you might be familiar with the Burg Blog's ongoing "Meet the Faculty" series. This week we're taking a look at comm media's Dr. Kyle Moody. Dr. Moody teaches Message Design, Social Media, and Document Design. Get to know him a little better.


Where did you complete your academic studies?

I received my PhD in Mass Communication from the University of Iowa School of Journalism and Mass Communication in May 2014. Before that, I earned my Master of Arts in Mass Communication from Miami University in August 2009, and my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Western Kentucky University in May 2006. 

Can you talk a little bit about your research interests?

My research interests include how video game fans and consumers are involved in the production and dissemination of fan and journalistic content. My ongoing research also includes online communities of users and players of video games, new media design, social media applications, ethnography, cultural studies, and media production. I am preparing a manuscript on handheld electronic devices, aging and management with Dr. Maricruz Rivera-Hernandez for submission to academic journals. I am also presenting at the Society for Cinema and Media Studies 2015 conference on the topic of “Mod Creators Versus Steam: How Users of a Platform Diverge From the Interests of a Company in Accordance with Historical Uses of Technology.”

What made you want to teach at Fitchburg State?

Fitchburg State University is an interesting oasis of teaching and up-and-coming research in the academic community. When I came to the university, I was blown away by the diversity of the faculty, particularly in my home department of Communications Media. We really do offer a great variety of disciplines within our department, and those faculty and students are always contributing to the larger discourse of academic progress here. When I interviewed at Fitchburg State University, I thought that I would fit right in with the department and campus community. I’m pleased to say that I felt at home as soon as I started this semester. 

What's been your impression of the campus community throughout the time you've been with us?

My impressions of the campus community are very positive. I see us as a united group of scholars with a focus on student growth and academic excellence. Every interaction I’ve had with faculty members has been energetic and uplifting. Students are thoughtful and engaged with content. They come to class ready to learn and do work. 

Tell us about your approach to teaching. In your opinion, what makes an effective undergraduate professor?

My approach to teaching has always been “new” and “changing.” I have a core set of ideas that I try to teach, and then I try to figure out the best way to teach these ideas. Since my research and topics course focuses on social media, this requires changing my approach every time. Effective undergraduate professors have to be willing to try new ideas and embrace the possibility of greater success with new methods, including gamification and extemporaneous classroom exercises. Students want to interact in class, and teachers who engage that part of learning are more likely to have success. 

What else should your current and potential students know about you?

I always encourage students to come by my office hours and talk to me. Even if they’re not working on homework for my classes, I want to hear student ideas and figure out interesting solutions to problems they may have. So feel free to drop by, we’ll have a cup of coffee and chat!

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