Around Campus - Elements of Game Design

Posted by Andy Cunningham on February 19, 2023 at 10:45 AM

Students in Professor Samuel Tobin's Elements of Game Design course work out, and try out, their classmates re-envisioning/re-utilization of old standby tabletop games like checkers, chess, and cards. Using the elements of these games as a launch point, students are tasked with creating a new game. 

This course introduces students to the process of planning and designing the interactive experience of game play. Students will develop a critical understanding of the formal, dramatic, and systems elements of games across a wide range of game styles and genres, from traditional physical games and sports to video games.

Students will work individually and in teams to modify and develop tabletop games such as board or card games. Emphasis is placed on understanding game systems and fine-tuning the player experience through the iterative design process. Learn more about our Game Design Major here.







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Topics: Programs and Majors, Game Design, Communications/Media