Is online education right for you?

Posted by Kelly Norris on October 2, 2014 at 1:51 PM


Just look at the benefits:

1. Convenience - learn from anywhere!

With online learning you can learn anywhere - even in the comfort of your home. Save countless hours travelling that you would otherwise waste every day going to and from school. Instead of enduring the drive, which could be stressful, use those hours for learning!

2. Avoid schedule conflicts

Online learning is extremely flexible. Whether you have a full time job or a family, online learning offers you the opportunity to attend classes without biting into your important time. Complete your assignments when it's convenient for you! (and your professor's syllabus!)

3. Online learning is focused learning

  • accommodates multiple learning styles and mediums
  • students can connect via chatrooms, discussion boards and email
  • students control time to absorb materials and focus their attention on areas of concern

4. You set the pace that works for you

Since online learning eliminates course scheduling conflicts, you can take as many courses each semester that you find works best for you. (Of course you'll need approval if you're an overachiever!) Accelerate to the goal, or take your time. Finding the pace that works best for you is the key to completion.

Here at Fitchburg State we provide the resources for you to succeed in online education. You can take a class or an entire program, online.

Support services include:


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