HIST 9210: The Vietnam War: An International Perspective

Posted by Fitchburg State University on January 17, 2023 at 2:45 PM

Looking for a history course to take this summer? Then check out the Summer B 2023 course, HIST 9210: The Vietnam War: An International Perspective.

From the early twentieth century, Vietnamese resistance against French colonialism
became a long struggle led by Ho Chi Minh. After the Japanese invasion during the Second World War, the American OSS cooperated with Vietnamese forces against Japan and then supported their independence. But during the Cold War, the domino theory led Washington to increasingly view Southeast Asia as a key area to resist Communism. After the division of Vietnam into North and South in 1954, America made a commitment to build up South Vietnam and this led to the decade-long war which took many lives. This class examines the wars in Vietnam in global perspective and the impact of the conflict on the peoples of Southeast Asia.

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Topics: Economics, History, and Political Science