Explore Music & Culture from Around the World

Posted by Kimberly McCoy-Blauser on June 12, 2024 at 8:29 AM

Do you love music and wish you had the resources to travel the world experiencing it all first hand? Now you don't have to.


This fall from September 5 through October 23, World Music will be offered online at Fitchburg State. From the comfort of your home, you can experience the culture of Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Spain, Ireland, Latin America, Central Asia, India, China, Japan, and Indonesia.  

worldmusicfree.jpgWe'll explore entertaining videos representing the music and dance of these countries and you'll have the opportunity to discover how world music has impacted the American pop music scene.  

You'll experience the lifestyles, costumes, musical instruments, and the unique musical expression of people from around the world.

worldmusicfree2.jpgVideos will serve as a basis for: 

  • Discussion posts
  • Creative thinking
  • Creative writing

This course is great for :

  • Professors of history, culture, art, music
  • K-12 music, history, language teachers
  • Students interested in countries from around the world
  • Musicians, amateurs or professionals
  • Students of folk art, fashion and dance

In place of a final exam, students may opt to present a power point which illustrates how a contemporary American pop music group has used the stylistic features of music from a country or culture of their choice.


Some testimonials from students who have taken this class:

Dr. Pearlmutter's online course was well prepared, interesting, challenging and also fun. His feedback on assignments was heartfelt and detailed.  Aimee St. Jean

I enjoyed this class very much, and I liked your teaching style; concise, reasonable, and transparent!  I will try to follow your good example with my own class.  Darlene Azadnia

You went above and beyond by getting that quiz reopened. I appreciate the assistance.  Robert Almeida


Fall 2024

MUSC 1500  Merged CRN  10398 with 10734

3 Credits  Textbook needed

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Instructor Dr. Alan Pearlmutter teaches music at Bristol Community College in Fall River, Massachusetts and has taught World Music at Fitchburg State.  A trained jazz drummer, entertainer, and conductor, he has taught at fifteen other colleges.  His specialties are music history, music theory, orchestral music, percussion, and piano.  In Boston, he is founder/ music director/ conductor of Kammerwerke, a professional double wind quintet.



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