Our Faculty: William Cortezia, Ph.D Education Department

Posted by Kimberly McCoy-Blauser on April 13, 2017 at 9:43 AM

Are you interested in Fitchburg State's Education programs? As part of the GCE Blog's "Our Faculty" series, we introduce Dr. William Cortezia, Chair of the Middle School Education program.

W.Cortezia.jpgWhat is your educational background?

I completed my bachelor of science in Political Science with a minor in Sociology from Barry University, Miami Shores, FL. I also have a master of arts in Sociology from Central Michigan University, MI, and I received my doctoral degree in Education in Curriculum and Instruction from Barry University, Miami Shores, FL, with a concentration in Middle School Research.  

What attracted you to teach at Fitchburg State? Why are you here?

I was attracted to Fitchburg State because it was originally a teaching college.

In 100 words or less, describe your program and the benefits to a student.

At Fitchburg State, our candidates not only receive a degree, but are also endorsed for initial licensure, making them more desirable to hiring principals than others still needing to be endorsed for licensure after graduation.

What career opportunities are available to students who complete your program? What are the benefits of being a middle school teacher?

Our candidates have the opportunity to work with molding the minds, both academically and socially, of pre-adolescents who are in grades 5-8. The biggest benefit of being a middle school teacher is that we tend to get the pre-adolescents who are in their developing age, both socially and academically. They are in the in-between stages of social development, beginning to form their identity, morals and values. We are the ones who get to work with and assist them into becoming student-citizens.

Is there any advice that you normally provide to prospective students?
We have the benefit of working in one of the most noble of professions.  Learn new things, reinvent yourself. Love and be proud of what you will do and accomplish.

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