2,022 Reasons Why 2022 Is YOUR Year To Go Back To School

Posted by Caroline Lanni on July 12, 2022 at 4:22 PM

Wow... that's a lot of reasons to finish your degree. On second thought, that may be too many reasons, and is sounding more and more like a book.

How about five reasons instead? That should be plenty!

So, instead, here are the top five reasons that 2022 is the year for you to go back to school and finish your degree:

#1 - Your kids

Okay... everyone reading this who doesn't have kids, skip to item #2. You get to enjoy the top four reasons 2022 is your year. (You're SO efficient.)

Everyone left reading this is a parent? Good.

Having two people in a household take college courses at the same time can be expensive. How about completing your degree while your kids are still young? That way you can be a better resource for your kids when they work on their own degree. Also, think of what a great example you'll be to your kids when you show them the value of continuing your education; they'll thank you for that!

#2 - Your job

What better way to show your employer that you want to improve yourself and your skills than by going back to school and finishing your degree?

And, if you hate your job and want to look for a new one, you can finish your degree to help you land the job that you want.

As a bonus, did you know that the higher your degree level, the better your pay can be in the job market? Be sure to check with your current employer to see if you have tuition remission as a benefit as well!

#3 - Your academic history

This isn't your first time at this party. You may not even have far to go before you finish your degree. Transfer your previous credits to Fitchburg State, and check out our Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) that can award credit for acquired knowledge and skills through life experiences. And did you know you can earn credits by taking exams? Get additional credit for what you already know!

Get it done! Meet with an enrollment counselor to figure out what you have and what you need before another semester goes by!

And remember, if you were in a graduate program, those classes EXPIRE after six years and you can lose the value of those credits. Yeah, don't let that be you. 

#4 - Your pace

As an adult, you get to call the shots and go to school at a pace that fits your life and goals, and if you study online, you can even study when it works best for you!

#5 - Your turn

This one's easy. Finish your degree for you. You'll be glad you got it done, and you'll feel pride in that accomplishment!

You're worth it, and the time to get started is now! Learn more about our degree and certificate programs at our upcoming Graduate Application Workshop or contact us for more information. Register today!

Take the leap and finish that degree!

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