Occupational/Vocational Education Webinar FAQs

Posted by Andy Cunningham on December 7, 2018 at 12:18 PM

Vocational educators, if you missed our webinar, no worries. We've got you covered. Here's the video of the recorded webinar and a list of all the questions asked during the webinar. If you still have questions, just click on the "Speak to an advisor" button at the end of this post and get all of your questions answered.

Watch our video recording of the webinar.



How many credits may I transfer?

Undergraduate (Approval Program and B.S.) students must complete 50% of the occupational education (major level) courses at Fitchburg State to meet residency requirements.

May I transfer in credits from classes taken through MAVA to Fitchburg State University?
Yes, credits received from taking a MAVA course may be transferred into Fitchburg State.

May the bachelor's degree be completed entirely online?
Yes, we have recently done some restructuring of the program and the bachelor's degree program may now be completed 100 percent online.

I have my bachelor’s in a different subject than occupational education, what program should I apply to?
Students who hold their bachelor's degree may apply for the M.Ed. in Occupational Education program. All seven licensure courses are available online or through the Massachusetts Association of Vocational Administrators (MAVA) at the graduate level.

How many classes may I take before applying?
Graduate students may take 12 graduate credits prior to applying to the M.Ed. in Occupational Education program.

Undergraduate students may take more credits before applying, but it’s always best to apply and get an official decision as soon as you want to begin the program to determine transfer credits and plan of study.

What courses are being offered in spring 2019?





OCED 2520 or OCED 7237

Managing Student Behavior

1/29 - 5/16/19


OCED 2530 or OCED 7238

Teaching Methods: Instructional Strategies

1/29 - 5/16/19


OCED 3510 or OCED 7240

Teaching Methods: Educating and Assessing

1/29 - 5/16/19


OCED 3700 or OCED 7230

Addressing the Needs of Students with Disabilities in Vocational Technical Education

1/29 - 5/16/18


OCED 3530 or OCED 7232

Developing and Implementing a Standards-Based Curriculum

1/29 - 5/16/19


Undergraduate courses are numbered between 1000 and 4999
Graduate courses are numbered between 6000 and 9999

When and how do I register for classes?
Fitchburg State and MAVA spring 2019 course registration is now open. Students register for Fitchburg State courses online.

Please visit the course schedule/seats available list for Fitchburg State course offerings, or MAVA for Fitchburg State courses offered through MAVA.

Do you offer a payment plan?
Yes, a Graduate and Continuing Education (GCE) payment plan is available for fall or spring Fitchburg State courses. Please visit our website for more information.**

How and when do I apply for financial aid?
Financial aid is only available to admitted students. We recommend starting your FAFSA application as soon as you begin your application to a degree program. Please contact the Financial Aid Office at 978-665-3156 with any questions.

May I use financial aid for MAVA classes or the Vocational Technical Teacher Approval Program?
No, financial aid is only available to students enrolled in Fitchburg State degree granting programs.

What’s considered a degree program?
The Bachelor of Science in Occupational Education and Master of Education in Occupational Education (non-licensure) are degree programs.

How do I receive the application fee waiver?
If you registered for the live webinar, don’t submit the payment information. The application fee waiver will be posted to your online application portal within one to three business days.

Which application do I submit?
Students applying to the Approval Program or to the B.S. in Occupational Education use the undergraduate application.

Students applying to the Master of Education in Occupational Education use the graduate application.

Is the LECAP program available for Master of Education students?
No, the program is only available to bachelor degree seeking students with 80 or more credits for the "trade experience" credits.  Students may also consider LECAP or CLEP exams for additional advanced standing, but should first consult with their advisor tomake sure the intended credits will apply.

What does it mean to “matriculate”?
To matriculate into a certificate or degree program at Fitchburg State, you must apply and gain admission to a program. You must successfully complete one course in the semester you’re admitted to matriculate into the degree program.

I’d like to move into administration later in my career.  Does Fitchburg State offer a program to earn an administrator’s license?
Yes, Fitchburg State offers a Master of Education and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Educational Leadership and Management leading to a School Principal or Supervisor Director initial license in Massachusetts.

Where may I see the course names and descriptions for the M. Ed. program?
Yes, these are available online in the graduate catalog.

Speak to an advisor

*Graduate credits must be less than six years old, and not applied to another earned degree program.

**GCE payment plan is not available for MAVA classes.

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