The Truth About English Majors

Posted by Matthew Ramsden on September 22, 2014 at 4:46 PM

Here at Fitchburg State, I am an English major. For a lot of people, that merits a few different responses. One of them is "good for you doing what you want to do." Another is "So when did you decide you wanted to be unemployed?" The latter annoys me to no end as you can imagine. Most people imagine English majors to skip around, quoting poems and drinking copious amounts of coffee/tea in shops. The reality is that Fitchburg State's English program is wonderfully quirky and educational!

The English Department taught me how to think complexly about the world.

The main focus of studying English is analyzing texts and stories in the written form, so novels, poems, memoirs and essays. What they don't tell you is that by talking and thinking about these things, you are simply studying life. The written form is considered to be an art form and art reflects life.


When we talk about texts in class, we are talking about our lives and the various ways these writers are thinking about life and what we as the recipient of these ideas interpret them to be. The beautiful part of all of this is getting to hear everyone's thoughts. We all come from everywhere and so we all have a different viewpoint of life. The English department is such an awesome means to talk about all of it.

We have fun here too!

Not only is the English department a great place, but since it is a smaller program at Fitchburg State, we are able to do some really cool things. One is the English Rally, an event where we all get together and talk about what we love about studying English, do some readings and just have a great discussion about everything.

Another event is Dr. Railton's Book And Coffee Extravaganzas! This is where the department buys some coffee and snacks and the faculty brings in some of their books that they would like to give away! Students are encouraged to come and take as many books as they are interested in for free! Like the English Rally, this is also a means to discuss ideas with some fellow English majors as well as faculty. 

What Do You Do With a B.A. In English?

The main thing I'm asked when I tell people I'm an English major is what I plan to do with my degree. Most assume I'm going to be a teacher. In a way, they are correct. My plan is to attend graduate school and become a college professor. Granted, this is a very difficult route to travel, but I feel like my education has prepared me and given me the passion necessary to pursue continuing education!

Have you thought about pursuing a degree in English? 

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