The Holiday Season Comes To School

Posted by Matthew Ramsden on December 2, 2014 at 10:33 AM

It is that time at Fitchburg State when everyone is in two frames of mind. One of those mindsets is that winter break is right around the corner and the holidays are on the horizon. The other mindset is academic panic attack as finals approach just as quickly. With both of these ideas in the same space, it makes for a very exciting time at the university.

Papers, Projects and Exams... Oh my!

In regards to the panic attack mindset, most students are reacting to the initial shock of “Its a test on the whole semester?!?” or “The paper needs to be how long?!?” As is natural. When your professor casually tells you that this needs be a 10-12 page paper using at least 6 sources but you will need more, it can be a bit overwhelming. The moment you realize that the test is not open book and covers the semester can be intimidating. I will say that Fitchburg State is a university where finals week is not just doom and gloom. The university tries to make the process as painless and educational as possible.


Enjoy the Holidays while they are here!

This is where that first mindset comes into play. Everyone realizes that the holidays are right there; the light at the end of the tunnel. The university uses that to try and make the end of the semester as good as it can be. One of the events that happens every year is the Lighting Of The Campus. This is when the university gets horse drawn carriages and carolers and hot chocolate and Christmas lights and hangs them all over campus. The center of the event is when all of the lights are turned on all at once. What follows is a Holiday dinner at Holmes Dining Commons as well as Chrismahanakwanzakings, an event full of activities and celebrations of all the Holidays.

On top of the Holiday festivites, a number of the clubs on campus will hold study break events such as free food or a movie to help relieve some stress and get students' noses out of the books for a little while at least. All in all, while finals may be stressful and it may feel like a eternity to get to Winter break, it is right around the corner. The students are dutiful in getting their last assignments done and studying for exams but we still manage to have a little fun and blow off the steam of the last academic push. 

What are some of your favorite holiday memories/study tips?

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