The End Is Nigh

Posted by Brian Lombardi on May 6, 2015 at 11:30 AM

The end is nigh. Why is this girl excited? Because another semester is closing here at Fitchburg State University, and summer is on the horizon.

The campus is blooming and beautiful after what seemed like the longest winter imaginable. Finals are picking the minds of students like guitar strings, but celebrations are around the corner, and more beach time than the clock could possibly count.

What this means is that it’s time to reflect on the semester. I skydived, danced, explored, socialized, laughed, witnessed history, and cheered all semester long at FSU.



I’m looking forward to coming back and seeing friends again. I’m going to miss people the most. It’s rare to find a collection of likeminded individuals, and a campus of respectful peers. I’d have to say that is my overall favorite part of the Fitchburg State experience.

It’s hard to communicate what I want to say. I could try and write down memories, but that wouldn’t do it any justice whatsoever. The memories I’ve made here are for me. It’s my job to tell you about the student experience, but this is the best way I can describe the experience to you.

The semester has been months of unlikely conversations, overcoming fears, trying new things, change, acceptance, stress, relief, and life.

You don’t want a transcript of what this stranger did, but I do know what you actually want. You want the memories that I and everyone else here have made this year. We can look back at our year, and return to campus in the fall remembering the significance of each part of our community. We know the ins and outs, as we’ve seen the machine work.

You should make memories, and you should make them here.

You could be a junior here or a junior in high school, all I urge to you is that you open up and let the world in. Sometimes it’s not so great, but that’s why you and me are going to make it so much better in our future.

We can make these memories together, or separately—I don’t want to creep you out, Internet. I’ve spent a lot of time as a hermit, and as a nervous boy afraid to do anything. This school has brought out a side of me that I’m happy with.

I really do want to thank Fitchburg State for helping me figure things out and improve myself slowly each day.

I cannot wait to come back in the fall and kick some expletive. To those graduating, you will be missed, that’s for sure. Everyone enjoy your summer, and be prepared to have a great time in the fall. It’s beautiful outside, so I’m going to face plant in the grass and do homework.

Happy living, my friends.


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