Spring Break Taught Me Life is a Balancing Act

Posted by Matthew Ramsden on April 20, 2014 at 3:49 PM

Alternative Spring Break was an incredibly humbling experience. I was able to help an 83-year old woman keep warm. Her house had no insulation, air conditioning or heat. Her name is Miss Mary Hudson and she was nothing but stunning.

On top of this, I was able to spend the week with amazing people doing amazing things in an amazing place. I cannot recommend doing this program enough.

alternative spring break

Back to reality and sometimes reality can be daunting

With a "vacation" comes PVD (Post-Vacation Depression), that overwhelming sense of "TAKE ME BACK." Of course, there is no rest for the busy. Upon coming back from Mississippi (and a week with no laptop), I was thrown right back into the thick of it, answering emails and messages and catching up on work I was supposed to do over break.

With all that work comes seeing people I missed. Friends and my Brothers. You have no idea how much you miss people at school until Spring Break (or any break for that matter).

Taking a break from technology helped me clear my head

Taking a break from school and doing something that allows me to focus all my attention on it gave me something. It allowed to clear my head of all the things I need to do for my classes, which was a very welcome change. Clearing your head somehow is always a good idea, be it through writing, meditation, gym time, sports, making something awesome or working on an 83-year old woman's house.

Clearing my head, I was able to think. That sounds stupid, but my head was full of stuff that clouded my ability to think. I was able to effectively balance things in my head and I had a realization; this didn't have to stop after this week. I am able to clear my head whenever I want to. And it doesn't even have to happen the same way. As long as it is a positive practice, like working out and/or meditation, you can do it whenever. I plan on making these habits part of my life.

Life is a balancing act

Life after break is a balancing act. Break is very important in not only taking stock of what has happened the first part of the semester, but realigning your goals. Break is a way to clear your head and get ready for the last leg of the school year.

Well, I can say even though my break might not have been traditionally relaxing, it was enlightening and inspiring. 

What do you do to take a break and get your life in balance?

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