College Has Prepared Me for Anything & Everything!

Posted by Matthew Ramsden on September 15, 2014 at 4:20 PM

Hello again! I am incredibly happy to be back and I look forward to everything that I will write about this year. I had a wonderful summer working at a camp that taught me so much and I look forward to bringing some of those lessons into play here at Fitchburg State!

My education at Fitchburg State has prepared me for anything and everything.

This is the start of my senior year. I'm extremely excited to start this chapter of my life as well as finding it bittersweet. I always had school to look forward to. At this point, with my future somewhat up in the air, I am not sure of what is going to happen. I am sure of one thing though; Fitchburg State has given me the proper tools to take on anything and everything. It has given me a solid education in my field that allows me to adapt and fit in anywhere but it has been specific enough so that I may be more than proficient in exactly what I want to do. My education at Fitchburg has been extremely solid, in my opinion.

Being involved on campus has given me relationships to last a lifetime.

While the main focus of my stay at Fitchburg has been my studies, my involvement on campus has given me skills and relationships to last a lifetime. Whether it is my membership in Sigma Pi Fraternity or my participation as an Orientation Leader and everything in between, all my involvement has given me connections to many facets of life.

Whenever a new class comes in, they always bring wonderful and new ideas to the table.

Just because I have been around for a little while doesn't mean I have it all figured out though. Each incoming freshman class brings a new energy. I always love seeing the new students do things to get involved. Every freshman class brings something new to the table that I have not been able to bring in the past. While we may share ideas on how to go about things in the university, the new students have an energy and an excitement that is unmatched. Seeing the future leaders of Fitchburg State gives me hope that the standard of excellence that has been set at Fitchburg will not only continue to be met but will be surpassed. 

Overall, I am very much looking forward to what my senior year will put in my way. I am confident that this might be my best year at Fitchburg to date. There will be struggles and challenges and days where I'm just not up to it, but I feel like the image below describes it best. I look forward to sharing my experiences with all of the readers so that you may get some insight into life at Fitchburg State!!

What are some of the things you learned at Fitchburg State or are looking to learn?

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