Living on Campus in the Fall

Posted by Brian Lombardi on February 26, 2015 at 5:08 PM

New students to FSU, I’m going to give a run down on housing, because every Falcon needs a nest.

How are you today? I dropped a bagel on my jeans earlier and I tripped up the stairs, but I’m still here. And now that I’ve made it this far in my day, it’s time for me to contribute a little bit.  Figuring out how to live on campus can be an arduous process, as if picking a college wasn’t frightening enough. Luckily I am here to ferry you through all of that.

The housing selection system has changed this year, but it’s to the complete benefit of incoming students.

Fitchburg State has implemented a lottery system for housing. Every housing applicant gets a number, and this means that every resident of Fitchburg has an equal chance for selecting which building or suite he/she would like to live in.  That’s the technical change, but let’s focus on the more interesting things you can manage.

Web4 is the sidekick of any super cool resident. When you’re able to log into Web4, you select My Housing, and there are a few things that you can do. There is a questionnaire that learns your preferences, and will pair you with like-minded individuals that stay up until 3am every night, sleep with a fan, care about a clean room, like grilled cheese, or etc. Grilled cheese isn’t a question, but sometimes it’s an answer to my problems. From there you can pick which residence hall you fancy and where you feel most at home. This is where the aforementioned lottery numbers come into play. It’s also just as simple to request a roommate if you already have a person, or group of people in mind. Entire suites of 8 can be organized, and if one of the groups has a good lottery number, then that group will be a shoo-in for the suite.

For returning students, online applications for housing are due March 6th, and that only requires you to say that you’re planning to live on campus next semester. For those returners who need another member of a suite or are looking for a roommate in the fall can join an informal meet and greet on March 4th in Hammond.

Take a look at the residence halls around campus, and any information you may need about housing on the website. It seems daunting, but it’s made easy, and questions or uncertainties of any kind are just an email away from being solved. 

If you have any questions or concerns for housing/campus life in general, I’ll be happy to answer them. I’m a student so you won’t have to structure one of those awkward formal comments, we can just figure it out right down there in the comment thread. You're cool, today is cool, enjoy it.



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