I Think I Just Found My Inner Artist & He's Not Half Bad!

Posted by Edwin Muma on April 15, 2014 at 2:29 PM

Art drawing is one of the courses I am enrolled in this semester. Throughout the class we have done many different types of drawing. Coming into this class, I had barely any experience, but I can honestly say I'm getting to be pretty good at this drawing thing. I think I found my inner artist. 

This is one of the first drawings we did. I used pencil to draw the cube objects and then shaded it. Being able to come up with this drawing was difficult because I didn't know where to start. When I finally got started, I kept messing up so I found myself erasing a lot and fixing my mistakes. This type of drawing is called cubes in linear perspective and I'm quite happy with it. 

edwin muma art

This is the human face drawing. This was one of the first drawings we did in charcoal. Working with charcoal can be challenging, but I found it really easy to work with. What I did was cover the whole page with the charcoal at first and made sure it was evenly spread out. Then I started to erase out the human face with an eraser.

charcoal face

What's really cool about this is that you can't mess up. If you mess up, all you do is go over it with charcoal and then start over. I enjoyed doing this method of drawing but one thing that I did hate about it was how messy it was. If you didn't wear proper clothing, all your clothes would be covered in charcoal and your hands would be covered as well.

charcoal tree

We then moved to ink drawings and this was the first ink drawing that we did in class. This by far is my favorite painting and drawing out of all the ones I have done. Working with ink was a little difficult because it was water color. I was able to make the trees look really realistic by making them darker than their surroundings. I'm really proud of how the leaves came out. I used a big brush and just pressed down with the tip at the angle. The leaves would be on the tree branches and I made some leaves darker then others to make them also look realistic.

2014-03-17 16.28.35

This is the negative space ink drawing. Using the bigger brush when painting your work allows you to get it done quick because it covers more area with each stroke. Although when I needed to paint in areas that were really small, it was tough to do with the big brush so I sometimes used the little brush for the little detail that was needed. What I learned about drawing the negative spaces of still life was not to focus on following all the little details, but to trace out the object rather than try to draw it.

While painting, I found it extremely difficult painting around the candles because my mistake was drawing everything so small which gave me less room to work with.

2014-03-26 16.27.52

We are now working with colors and pastels. Our last assignment was drawing fruits and mixing the pastels according to the color wheel to make the colors of the fruit as realistic as possible. So far I like working with pastels because of all the cool colors you can make by mixing all the colors you already have. I think this pastel painting came out really nice considering it was my first time ever working with pastels.

As this course progresses, we are learning more and more methods of drawing. I never thought I would enjoy this class like I do now because I thought it was going to be another boring drawing class. Now I understand that I was wrong and I am really interested in what we will be doing in the near future.

Have you taken an art class yet? Try it and see if you can find your inner artist. 

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