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Posted by Matthew Ramsden on November 24, 2014 at 10:41 AM

I've written before about how important and exciting an Open House is in the college selection process. It helps you see the campus as well as the opportunities that are available to you. Fitchburg State just finished the last open house of the year but that doesn't mean there aren't chances to see everything the university can offer you. In this blog post, I'm going to talk a little bit about how I came to Fitchburg State!

Fitchburg State was not on the top of my list yet.

I want to tell you a little bit about my time when looking for colleges. I was pretty set in what type of school I wanted to go to. I grew up about 20 minutes outside of Boston so being in a city was always appealing to me. I wanted to go to a private school cause private school. I visited and applied to Suffolk University and Emmanuel College. My parents had pleaded to apply to a public school as a back up. I hadn't really thought about going to a state school but after some research, I found that Fitchburg State might be a cool place. I applied on a whim and waited for my response.

Accepted Students Day!

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After a couple weeks, i got my acceptance in the mail. I had already been accepted to Suffolk and Emmanuel so Fitchburg State was simply another option. It wasn't until a couple days later that I got another letter in the mail from Fitchburg State. It was on cardstock with fancy writing, inviting to join President Robert Antonucci for Accepted Students Day. I cannot say how important it is to go to your accepted students day, as it is your last chance to look at the school not only knowing you've been accepted but knowing you have to make your selection soon. I went to my accepted students day and I was sold. It was actually the first time I'd seen the university and I immediately fell in love. I knew that this was my school.

Fitchburg State was not what I expected.

When I came to Fitchburg to visit, I had in mind my ideal school. Like i mentioned earlier, I wanted a city school which comes with some features like large class sizes and a sprawling, active campus. However, seeing Fitchburg State made me realize that maybe the school that I wanted was not the one that I needed. In order to develop myself and get the most out of my college experience, I needed the small community that Fitchburg offered as well as the distance from home, allowing me my independence. Overall, I found that Fitchburg State while it may not have been my first choice, it was the best choice. 

All in all, my story is like a lot of Fitchburg State students. This university wasn't my first choice but it was the best decision I made.

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