10 Ways To Keep Yourself Upbeat

Posted by Brian Lombardi on March 19, 2015 at 5:17 PM

Fitchburg State is going to be a big part of your life. 

It’s important to keep spirits up around campus, yes, but more important to do so in yourselves. I know this is easier said than done sometimes. Life throws curves and we're not always thrilled to wake up each morning to face the day.

Everyone needs a little boost from time to time, that's perfectly normal. So let’s jump right into this. Here's 10 things that can help keep you busy and positive.

I’m winging this, but we can make it work. 

Get some sun. Vitamin D is not only a nice potential rap name, but also good for growth and the prevention of bone abnormalities. Weird bones are... weird.

Make a schedule. It doesn't have to give set times or ultimatums, but it will help you visualize your needs and appointments. I’m not saying you’ll forget breathing if you don’t write it down beforehand, but it’s good for you folk who need a little direction—I need a lot of it.

Sit in comfortable places. Kings and queens need their thrones, and you should find yours everywhere that you go. Own that chair. This couch in admissions is crazy comfortable.

Eat your favorites. No, not your friends or twitter notifications, but your favorite foods! It’s good to be healthy, but I forsake diets. They only work if you plan to eat that way forever. I say be active, be aware, and eat whatever tickles your fancy.

Sleep. Have a pillow fight with your ears. Healthy sleeping habits improve memory, creativity, weight regulation, and happiness in general! That’s a handful of good stuff, if hands typically had four fingers.

Read a book. Recreational reading… Gross, right? Wrong-o, reading does wonders. “A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge.” That’s from Game of Thrones. I just started it yesterday.

Invest in a hobby. Pick up a guitar, make yourself a comic book, or knit a hat. That may require commitment, but even doing something simple will help, like spending a Sunday binge watching that TV show you never have time for. Take pleasure in the littlest bits of relaxation or interests.

Dress your best. Scrubbing is easy, but you should show your style off every day that you can. Looking good is feeling good, so put on that dress you never know when to wear or tie your best shoes and strut your stuff. Why? Because why not.

Discover your own music. Not what anyone else tells you to listen to, but what you like. Experiment and try to get a sense of what resonates in you. Music is the oldest and most powerful language in the world, and you should be able to figure out what you identify with.


Travel. “I can’t afford it.” I’m not saying wait until you can spend a month in Europe in cute little cafes. Drive to a body of water. Go into Boston or out of state. Go to a museum, concert, movie, game, or anything of the sort. People get too cooped up. I'm often too lazy or too afraid to do the things I want, and that’s not a place you want to be. If you’re sad and you don’t make the effort to change that, it won’t change. Trust me.

Heed this list. As obvious and silly as it seems, these things help. Laughing and experiencing them won’t cure all of your problems, but it is what’s keeping you alive. Happiness isn’t out there, it’s in your pocket, so rummage around and grab it when you can.

What do you do to keep happy? Collaborate with me and tell me what I missed or what you think would help. I’m always up to hear ideas and methods to improve quality of life. Comment below and tell me what you like to do. Or don’t, but you’ll just make me sad.

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